Friday, February 6, 2015

The Mental Edge

The Mental Edge

The central driving force of success is in your own mind, which is the key to all of your strength and motivation. If you want results from this program, start by strengthening yourself mentally.

The biggest impression that fitness training has on me is that the human body will perform beyond limits you never thought possible to achieve.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

·         First, be determined to succeed. Clearly identify the fitness results you want-and vow to yourself that no individual or obstacle is going to stop you from achieving your goal. A goal not written down is just a dream. Once you’ve written down your goal, it is more than just a just a dream-it’s a clearly defined objective. Create long-term and short-term goals (See prior post on – SMART goal setting). Write down your long-term goals, then set short-term or smaller goals to achieve your ultimate goal. By concentrating on and accomplishing your short-term goals, you will achieve your long-term goals.

·         Review your goals often to stay motivated. Keep your list of goals in a highly visible place, so you can read them often and stay motivated. With this attitude you will be ready to achieve your ideal body in an incredibly short amount of time.

·         Make a visual record of your progress. Take a picture of yourself before you start this program and every three months thereafter, so you can visually monitor your progress. You are going to be so amazed! Determine in your mind what you want to look like and don’t compromise.

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