Monday, October 20, 2014

Marathon week!

Did I mention that I am running a marathon this coming Sunday here in the Washington DC area?
Anyhow, for all of you who are new here, welcome to #shlomotrained!

Finally, we are here. Marathon week.
A week that is filled with lots of 1-sleep, 2-stretching, 3-easy runs, and 4-plenty of good nutrition.
and one simple rule, KISS (Keep It Simple Smarty).

As a competitive age-grouper, Personal Trainer, and Sports Performance Coach, I would like to share a few key "ingredients" that have helped me succeed and stay injury-free.

1- Sleep,
As many of you know, your next workout is only as good as your recovery. As an endurance athlete, I aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night, and 9 hours on the weekends. Sleeping enough will keep you feeling fresh and ready for each and every workout, without feeling burnt-out.

2- Stretching,
Stretching out both before and after your workout will help you stay injury-free. Your muscles are attached to your levers (known as bones), by a tendon called the Golgi Tendon Organ (or GTO). Stretching relaxes the GTO and allows more blood flow to the working muscles so you can move with ease and full range of motion.

3- Easy runs,
Yes! You heard it from me, easy runs.
Going out for easy runs at a minimum of 3 times a week, has allowed my body to build a strong base to my aerobic engine, so I can work harder for longer. Yes, I do go out and complete hard training sessions. Just remember, if you treat every session as a competition, you are bound to injure yourself. Proceed with caution, and listen to your body and how it feels.

4- Good nutrition,
"Food shall be thy medicine, and medicine shall be thy food" -Hippocrates 
I will keep this one short. Eating as close as possible to it's original state the better it is for you.
Eat when hungry, and eat to survive.

Lastly, KISS.
When I think I'm keeping things simple, I simplify it more.
The more you can simplify your goals the better the out come (I know I'm being vague). The less you have cluttered in your head while training has allowed me to focus at the goal at hand.

With that being, yesterday I went out and enjoyed a nice bike ride from my apartment to Mount Vernon VA. a round trip of 65 miles at an easy average of 15 mph.


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