Sunday, September 21, 2014

Minus 35 days

Welcome back to another addition of #shlomotrained 

Less than 35 days till the Marine Corps Marathon. Oorah!

Completed yet another 20 miler this morning (which makes it three Sundays in a row).
Ended it here; at the Navy Memorial in downtown DC.

  • A super special shout out to Sarah B. on her completion of the RnR Philadelphia Half Marathon in a total time of 2:18:48 with an avg. pace of 10:36 per mile. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Looking to partake in an amazing autumn race? 
#shlomotrained by next week Sunday (9/28) for your chance to win a free entry.

This is a throwback from last years Veterans Day 10K with Peter Gauss.

What are you waiting for? sign up today!!

  • I recently received some promotional products from Clif Bar that I need to get out to you all. Stay tuned for your opportunity to get your hands on these amazing new products!! 
"With persistency and consistency...... SUCCESS will follow!!"

Exercise movement of the week:
The Lunge.

How many different variations can you do?

Peace, #shlomotrained


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