Monday, September 8, 2014

What is #shlomotrained

You might be asking the question,
So what exactly is #shlomotrained?
As I mentioned in the previous post, #shlomotrained was inspired by BA.

This is how it went....
After one of our first few training sessions together, I texted BA,
"How do you feel after today's training session?"
the reply went as follows:
"Today was a great session, and I'm totally liking your style. #shlomotrained"

Then the next timed we trained together it became official. #shlomotrained was born.

Here are a few examples of being shlomotrained:
  • The optimal way would be to actually train together and complete some type of stuctered or non-structured workout together = #shlomotrained
  • Have you ever completed one of my many group exercise classes? Yes! = #shlomotrained
  • Short on time and completed some type of physical activity? Yes! = #shlomotrained
  • Do you make a conscious effort to live a healthier, and more active lifestyle? Yes! = #shlomotrained

If you have or are you inspired by the #shlomotrained lifestyle, then feel free to #shlomotrained.

Peace, #shlomotrained

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