Sunday, September 7, 2014

Totally Psyched!

Welcome back to another addition of #shlomotrained!

Is this your first time here? If so, then welcome to everything #shlomotrained. (What is #shlomotrained?) #shlomotrained was inspired from a text I received from the BA after a training session, where he referred to our training as "#shlomotrained".* 

Wow. I can't believe that Labor Day has already passed (What happened to the summer?...), and that means the cool weather is coming and marathon training is well.... in full swing.

     Over the past few weekends I have been doing a consistent 14 mile run on Sunday morning, followed by a short recovery run on Monday, cross train on Tuesday's, track work on Wednesday evening, and finish off the week with another cross training session and a run, completing somewhere in the area of of 32-45 miles per week, and 3 hours of cross training (swimming/biking/rowing). All while making sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep per night and weight training sessions in the gym.

Today was my first of three 20 mile runs of the season leading into the Marine Corps Marathon which will be taking place Sunday October 26, 2014 in and around downtown Wash DC. Here is the link to my run, let me know what you think. 

     If I thought the past few weeks have been busy, then the next 6-8 weeks leading up the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon are going to be chaotic for a few reasons.
1- I recently started working at a new Wellness Fitness facility, and settling in is taking a lot from me and my training.
2- I'm still continuing to train at the Washington Sports Club at Gallery Place, and staying on top of two schedules is quite honestly like trying to juggle with your eyes closed.
3- Lastly, the holidays are coming up, and that means diminished time from training..... and the fear of losing what you worked so hard for is just mentally though.

(Moving on...)
For all of you who may have not known, the Nations Tri took place today in downtown Washington D.C. (swim was canceled due to a sewage spill in the Potomac River)  and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Devlin Barnes on his amazing performances today. Devlin, you are an inspiration to watch both in and out of the gym. Again congrats to you, I know you worked extremely hard.

Know someone doing an upcoming race? Comment below for a special shout out!

In my last episode of "Redemption on 7 lakes drive" we spoke about using the foam roller for recovery. This week we will be focusing on our sleep. Titled "Sleep: The Ultimate Recovery"

Sleep: The Ultimate Recovery

Sleep lets your body recover and repair. Studies say sleeping 7-9 hours a night is critical biochemical balance, raising levels of substances like growth hormone - a primary muscle-repair agent - and reducing inflammatory chemicals like cortisil, IL-6 and TNF  -a (Dement 2000; Gonnissen et al. 2012).
Sleep enhances the muscle-building effect of exercise by increasing protein synthesis and helping the nervous system return to a more relaxed, parasympathetic state. Sleep also boots immune function, which leads to optimal recovery of muscle tissue (Hausswirth & Mujika 2013).

Exercise movement of the week:
The pull-up/chin-up

How many can you complete?

I'm totally psyched for the next few weeks. Oh yeah!

Peace, and be #shlomotrained

*definition to come... stay tuned

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